Elimination Communication

Elimination communication, which is also known as natural infant hygiene or infant potty training, is a gentle method of responding to a baby's need to eliminate. Even newborn babies are aware of their need to pee and poop. Rather than relying completely on diapers, you can offer your baby opportunities to use the potty.

You may want to start by reading our post on How to Practice Elimination Communication.

You can also find recommended elimination communication supplies and tips on How to Dress Your Baby for EC.

Small Underwear for Toddlers and Babies

Small Underwear for Toddlers and Babies | Potty Training

Searching for extra small underwear for toddlers or teeny tiny baby underwear? Find boys and girls undies in sizes from 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months.

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Elimination Communication Training Pants- The Best Brands for Small Bottoms

Small Cloth Training Pants for Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication Training Pants help little ones practicing EC to feel misses, but avoid messes on the floor. Here is a list of the best brands for small bottoms.

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Elimination Communication Giveaway Graphic

Elimination Communication GIVEAWAY {Closed}

With this Elimination Communication Giveaway we hope to spread awareness of EC and help one lucky winner get their baby geared up and ready to go!

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EC Pottytunities Infographic

Elimination Communication Infographic

View our elimination communication infographic summarizing: What is EC; Benefits of EC; and When and How to offer Pottytunities.

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10 Useful Items for EC | Natural Infant Hygiene

10 Useful Elimination Communication Supplies

These ten useful items for EC make it easier to practice Elimination Communication / Natural Infant Hygiene. Which items are on your must-have list?

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Tips for Nighttime Elimination Communication

Are you hesitant to try elimination communication at nighttime? These tips can help you ease into the realm of nighttime EC. You may just find that practicing EC is easier at night than during the day!

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How to Dress Your Baby for Elimination Communication Featured Image

How to Dress Your Baby for Elimination Communication

These tips on how to dress your baby for EC make practicing elimination communication easier. Start with a cloth diaper, tee shirt, and leg warmers.

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How to Practice Elimination Communication 101

How to Practice Elimination Communication: EC 101

Wondering how to practice Elimination Communication (EC)? This brief overview of Natural Infant Hygiene 101 will explain the basics of how to start.

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What is Elimination Communication Image

What is Elimination Communication?

Elimination Communication (EC) a.k.a Natural Infant Hygiene, is a practice of communicating about and promptly responding to a baby’s elimination needs.

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