Elimination Communication Infographic

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Elimination Communication Infographic | Natural Infant Hygiene

Elimination Communication Infographic | Natural Infant Hygiene

I created this elimination communication infographic to help explain EC (a.k.a. natural infant hygiene, infant potty training or diaper free) to a local baby group.

This EC Infographic summarizes: What is EC?; Benefits of EC; Insights; Big Picture; When & How to Offer Pottytunities, and EC Resources.

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Here is the text version of the elimination communication infographic:

Elimination Communication

a.k.a Natural Infant Hygiene, Infant Potty Training, Diaper Free, EC

What is EC?

  • Gentle toilet learning for babies beginning at 0-18 months.
  • Communicating about Baby's elimination needs.
  • Allowing Baby to pee or poo in a potty, toilet, or nature.
  • An alternative to complete reliance on diapers.

Benefits of EC

  • Strong Communication
  • Baby's Comfort
  • Responsive Parenting
  • Fewer Diapers
  • Hygiene
  • Potty Independence


  • Newborns are aware of their need to eliminate and attempt to communicate their need through signals.
  • Babies do not want to soil themselves or their caretakers.
  • Babies normally do not pee during deep sleep.

Big Picture

  • Average Age of Potty Independence in the U.S.
    • 1957: 18 months vs. Today: 36 months
  • Early potty training got a bad reputation in the U.S. because it was once associated with harsh training methods.
  • Throughout much of the non-Western world, infant toilet training is the norm. In India, China, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the arctic, and parts of Africa and Latin America, parents leave baby bottoms uncovered.
  • More than 50% of the world's children are potty trained by 1 year old.
  • The baby diaper market is projected to reach USD 52.2 billion globally by 2017.
  • With EC, the investment is the parents' time, love, and presence.



  • Signals
    • Cry
    • Squirm
    • Grunt
    • Still
  • Timing
  • Intuition


  • Cue Sound
    • "psss"
  • EC Hold
  • Receptacle

EC Resources




That's it for the elimination communication infographic. Next is a list of Small Cloth Training Pants for Elimination Communication.

How would you explain elimination communication to someone who is new to EC?

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  1. Raquel on November 29, 2014 at 11:25 am

    Thank you for such a concise summary of EC. I love the graphics you have created to explain the process and practice. Excellent. I appreciate pictures of the different clothing options a s well. I have been doing EC with my 12 week old baby for 9 weeks and was researching simplified clothing options when I found your site. I wish I had found it sooner, it is so helpful!

    • Heidi Avelino on December 3, 2014 at 11:56 pm

      Hi Raquel,
      Thanks for your message. I’m glad to have helped in your EC journey. Dressing my son in a t-shirt, cloth diaper, and leggings was so much easier than a one piece body suit!
      Happy pottying 🙂

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