Neuth Organic Crème pour Visage and Afterglow Serum Review

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Neuth Organic Crème Pour Visage and Afterglow Serum Review

Neuth Organic Crème Pour Visage and Afterglow Serum Review

Product Review

For this product review I tried Neuth Organic Crème pour Visage and Organic Afterglow Serum. Crème pour Visage is a decadent natural facial cleanser. Organic Afterglow Serum is a natural moisturizing facial oil. These two natural facial care products create a luxurious cleansing and moisturizing experience.

Knowing that what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body, Neuth uses the finest organic and natural ingredients. When I was contacted about trying Neuth natural beauty products, I was happy to oblige.

A Natural Alternative to

Organic Crème pour Visage by Neuth is a natural alternative to cream face washes, such as
Clean & Clear Advantage Oil Absorbing Cream Cleanser, that contain ingredients posing a risk of organ system toxicity, including artificial fragrance, phenoxyethanol, polysorbate-60, and steareth-21.

Organic Afterglow Serum by Neuth is a natural alternative to facial serums, such as Zirh Platinum Total Recharge Retexturizing Facial Serum, that contain harmful ingredients including propylparaben (reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruption), BHT (cancer, reproductive and non-reproductive organ system toxicity), potassium lactate (cancer), methylparaben (endocrine disruption), and phenoxyethanol (irritation, non-reproductive organ system toxicity).


Organic Crème pour Visage

  • Organic Grape Seed Oil
  • Rosewater
  • Organic Aloe Vera Gel
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • Lanolin

The Crème pour Visage ingredients can be found on the Neuth website. Since Neuth Organic Crème pour Visage was not listed in the EWG’s Skin Deep Database, I used the database to create my own report. It returned a safety rating of 1, low hazard. All of the ingredients have a safety rating of 0-1, low hazard.

Organic Afterglow Serum

  • Organic Rosehip Oils
  • Lavender Essential Oil

I also used the EWG’s Skin Deep Database to create a report for Neuth Afterglow Serum. It returned a safety score of 0, low hazard. The ingredients have safety ratings of 0-1, indicating low hazard.


Neuth products are “housed in dark violet glass to protect the precious ingredients and prolong the potency”. They were shipped in a cardboard box containing eco-friendly shredded paper as the packaging material. The Crème pour Visage contains 200ml, while the Afterglow Serum contains 30ml.


The best way to end the day, Neuth’s Organic Crème pour Visage is a nightly ritual that will erase the stresses of the day, including make-up and residues, leaving your skin refreshed, revitalized and renewed.

Neuth’s Organic Afterglow Serum welcomes the night with calming organic lavender essential oils and rich nutrients that sink right in, to leave your skin supple, smooth and soft.


We suggest massaging a quarter sized amount of Neuth’s Organic Crème pour Visage to your face, neck and décolleté. We recommend smiling at yourself in the mirror as you do so. Run the tap water hot and wet a washcloth. Wipe all of Neuth’s Organic Crème pour Visage away, follow with Neuth’s Organic Afterglow Serum.


Organic Crème pour Visage

Divine! When I first opened the Crème pour Visage I thought it smelled like lemon meringue pie. After looking at the ingredients, I realized it was sweet orange essential oil, which is just as nice! The creme is super smooth and moisturizing. Don’t expect it to bubble or lather- it’s not that type of facial cleanser. You will need a damp wash cloth to rinse it off, since it doesn’t rinse away with just water. It left my face, neck and décolleté feeling soft.

Some of the oils tend to separate out of the cream after a while, which is natural, since there are no synthetic additives to keep the cream mixed. Simply use a clean spoon or stirring stick to mix it back up every once in a while.

Organic Afterglow Serum

Neuth Organic Afterglow Serum is a rich golden color, with a smooth and easy to apply texture. It seems to be a nice moisturizing face oil. The scent was a bit too strong for my extra sensitive skin and eyes. I thought it had a similar smokey smell to baobab oil. Looking at the ingredients, it is actually scented with rosehip oil, which I have not used in the past.

I applied the afterglow serum in the evening before bed. The scent caused me to wake up with puffy eyelids and a stuffy nose, so I won’t be using it on a regular basis. But most people are not as sensitive as I am, so if you like rosehip oil and lavender essential oil, you may enjoy this serum.

My husband tried the Neuth Afterglow Serum, and although he smelled like roses, he did not think the smell was too strong for men.


Neuth Organic Crème pour Visage is not only an effective moisturizing facial cleanser, it is also a special treat to use! It makes my face cleansing routine feel like a spa treatment. The cream cleanser leaves skin glowing and radiant.

Neuth Afterglow Serum is an effective facial moisturizing serum. I did not get to test it for as long as I like to, since the rose scent was too strong for me. However, when I did try the serum it seemed to provide a rich layer of moisture.

Rating 4 Stars (4 / 5)

Neuth Crème pour Visage and Afterglow Serum earn their first star for containing all natural ingredients.

They receive a star for coming in glass containers, which can be reused or recycled. The lids are made from biodegradable plant material.

Another star is awarded for being an effective cleansing and moisturizing combo.

Neuth products miss out on one star due to their high prices of $150 for the Crème pour Visage and $65 for the Afterglow Serum. I feel lucky to have been given the chance to try these products, but I would not have purchased them on my own. If you are accustomed to paying comparable prices for luxury skin care products, then Neuth products are probably a safer option, since they contain only natural ingredients.

Crème pour Visage earns a bright shining star for being a pleasure to use. It is the smoothest, most moisturizing and pleasant face wash I have used. I am sure many people would enjoy the Afterglow Serum just as much. I just happen to be super sensitive to even natural scents.

Overall, Neuth facial care products earn 4 out of 5 stars and I recommend trying them, if they are within your budget.

Where to Buy Neuth Organic Crème pour Visage and Afterglow Serum

Neuth natural beauty products can be purchased online.

Disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided to me free of charge. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.

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