Jojoba Oil Uses: Oil Cleansing and Moisturizing

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Jojoba Oil Uses: Oil Cleansing and Moisturizing

Jojoba Oil Uses: Oil Cleansing and Moisturizing

Jojoba oil is a liquid wax from the Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) plant, which is native to the Southwestern United States.[1. Jojoba Oil, Wikipedia,] Jojoba oil is especially good for skin care since it is similar to the sebum which our skin naturally produces.[2. Jojoba Oil & its magical properties,]

Jojoba Oil Uses

There are many uses for versatile jojoba oil. Here are my favorite four ways to include jojoba oil in a natural beauty routine:

Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansing with jojoba oil works the same way as oil cleansing with coconut oil. Before wetting your face, pour a small amount of jojoba oil into the palm of your hand. Massage the oil onto your face with your fingertips. This can be very relaxing and help to relieve tension. Soak a wash cloth in hot water and place it on your face until it cools. The steam will help open up your pores. Use the other side of the wash cloth to wipe the jojoba oil and impurities off your face and neck.

Since I use my bottle of Dessert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil for more than one purpose, I found it helpful to separate a portion of the oil to use as a facial cleanser. I poured some of the jojoba oil into a GoToob, to use as my natural face wash.

Face Moisturizer

Recently, I have been using jojoba oil as a natural face moisturizer. Jojoba oil works great as a moisturizer, since it is similar to the oil that our skin naturally secretes. But don’t worry, it doesn’t leave skin too greasy or shiny. My favorite part about using pure jojoba oil as a face moisturizer is that it does not contain any irritating fragrance. It just has a slight tree-like smell.

Makeup Remover

Jojoba oil works wonders as a natural makeup remover. Simply soak a cotton ball with jojoba oil and wipe away your makeup. It works especially well on mascara and other eye makeup. I like that it does not sting my eyes like some formulated eye makeup removers. However, you should still avoid getting it in your eyes.

After wiping away the day’s makeup, you could use some more jojoba oil to cleanse, and finish off with a bit as moisturizer. How’s that for an all-in-one?

Cuticle Oil

I first began using jojoba oil as a cuticle oil. A daily drop of jojoba oil massaged into each cuticle can keep cuticles moisturized and help prevent hang nails.

Where to Buy Jojoba Oil

You can help support Natural Beauty Lifestyle by purchasing through one of my affiliate links. There will be no extra cost to you, and I will earn a small commission. Thank you for your support.

How do you like to use jojoba oil?

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  1. […] The best part of using coconut oil as a natural face wash is the wonderful aroma! I plan to keep using coconut oil on my face for a bit, and then try the oil cleansing method with jojoba oil. […]

  2. […] Barbary Fig Seed Oil is the most expensive facial oil I have tried, and earns only 1/2 a star in the “value for your money” category. At $29.99 for 10ml (1/3 ounce), LAVINA Barbary Fig Seed Oil would cost close to $90 for 1 ounce! I did some searching, and other brands are offering barbary fig seed oil in a comparable price range of approximately $90 per ounce. The high cost is due to the low yield when extracting the oil. According to the LAVINA website, “It takes 1,000 kilos (2205lb) of prickly pear fruit to yield just one liter of oil, making Barbary fig oil one of the most precious and expensive plant oils in the world.”  I was lucky enough to get to try this luxury skin care product for free, but if you are spending your own money on it, I can understand if you opt for a more affordable moisturizing oil, such as argan or jojoba oil. […]

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