Natural Halloween Makeup, Organic Candy, and Healthy Treats!

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Natural Halloween Makeup, Organic Candy, and Healthy Treats

Looking for ways to avoid scary artificial ingredients this Halloween? You're sure to find something to fit your taste on this list of Natural Halloween Ideas. We've covered everything from natural Halloween makeup, to organic candy, and healthy Halloween treats. We also provide some non-candy Halloween treat alternatives, so that kids with food allergies can avoid spooky ingredients lists and still have a good time while trick-or-treating.


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Natural Halloween Makeup & Face Paint

If you are planning to paint your child's face, consider using organic natural Halloween makeup. Even conventional everyday makeup has toxic ingredients lurking inside. With natural face paint, you can avoid lead, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and petroleum-based pigments.

Natural Halloween Treats

Who needs artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners, when there are natural Halloween treats galore? If you plan to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, there are many organic and natural candies available. Or you could go a less traditional route, with truly healthy Halloween treats. Select prepackaged healthy treats for convenience, or make your own with natural candy recipes. If you are baking cupcakes for a Halloween party, we've got you covered with natural Halloween sprinkles and food coloring.

Organic Natural Halloween Candy

If you want to buy organic all natural Halloween candy for kids, some popular brands are YumEarth and Surf Sweets. They offer party packs, which work well for handing out to trick-or-treaters. If chocolate peanut butter cups are more your style, Justin's offers an organic version.

Natural Halloween Chocolate

If you would like to hand out mini chocolate bars but are looking for a healthier version or eco-friendly Halloween candy, you can choose organic or fair trade chocolate. One of my favorite options are Endangered Species Bug Bites, since each square comes with a fun and educational insect trading card. Ocho Minis and Equal Exchange chocolate minis are other great fair trade options.

Natural Candy Recipes

You could skip buying Halloween candy all together, and make your own homemade natural candy. This is a wonderful project for kids to help with! Find inspiration for healthy homemade Halloween candy in this Paleo Candy Recipe book. Or you could follow a free natural candy recipe from Wellness Mama:

These gummy worm molds would be perfect for making homemade gummies with grass-fed gelatin! Another tasty option would be homemade organic chocolates shaped like pumpkins.

Natural Halloween Sprinkles and Food Coloring

If you are baking cupcakes for a Halloween party, you can top them off with homemade frosting colored with natural food coloring, and natural Halloween sprinkles. A homemade gummy worm crawling out of the cupcake would be a clever finishing touch!

Healthy Halloween Treats

I had fun thinking beyond candy and cupcakes and coming up with some healthy Halloween goodies. Why not opt for nutritious organic Halloween snacks? Some of these organic Halloween treats are more expensive than candy, but they would be great in Halloween party favor bags. Another option is to buy a healthy Halloween treat stash for your own kids. After they go trick-or-treating, you can trade them one healthy treat per 10 pieces of candy.

For an inexpensive Halloween party food, you could pop non-GMO organic popcorn and serve it in cute popcorn bags. For Paleo Halloween treats, you could opt for sliced organic apples from Costco, seaweed snacks, or grass-fed beef jerky sticks. Mama Chia Squeeze snacks are one of my son's all time favorites, and the Green Magic flavor would be perfect for Halloween.

All Natural Bars

All natural bars are another healthier alternative to Halloween candy. Natural fruit and nut bars are a great option for Paleo families, but for a real twist, you could swap your kid's Halloween candy for Epic meat bars!

Non-Candy Halloween Treat Alternatives

Even if you will be giving out candy or healthy Halloween treats, it's always a good idea to have some non-candy alternatives on hand. I love the idea of handing out organic seed packets! For a kids Halloween party, natural play dough and mini cookie cutters would be a fun activity, that could double as party favors.

Teal Pumpkin Project

Teal Pumpkin Project Non-Food Treats

You can take into consideration all the children with food allergies by offering non-food treats and posting a sign saying you are participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project. For Halloween treats for kids with food allergies, skip anything with an ingredients list. (That rules out play dough, which may contain wheat or gluten.)

We were asked to bring goodies to my son's preschool for their Halloween party goodie exchange. Since our family has pretty strict dietary restrictions, and his classmates may have other restrictions, we decided that non-food treats would be the best option. Each of his classmates will receive a small plush mouse from Ikea, and it will last past the sugar-high of Halloween.

I also love the idea of giving mini figurines in the shapes of human organs!

Natural Halloween Decorations

And for one last bonus section, here is some inspiration for natural Halloween decorations. If I was decorating my house for a Halloween party or my yard for Halloween night, I would start with Jack-o-Lanterns, pumpkins, and dried corn.

For reusable decorations, you could add some magic to your home with natural brooms and a cast iron tea pot or caldron. You could make your own corn husk dolls or ghosts as decorations.

For candles, I would skip the natural versions and opt for LED flameless candles. Shining luminary bags leading up to the house are a nice touch.

That wraps up my list of natural Halloween ideas. Please feel free to share it with your friends. And have a safe and happy Halloween!

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Natural Halloween Ideas from Face Paint to Healthy Treats
Natural Halloween Ideas from Face Paint to Healthy Treats

How are you planning to make this a natural Halloween?

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